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Sketch " face " understanding

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The concept of 1. face
The ingredient that makes a range is dot and line, had dot and line to be able to make a range. The dot of any amounts and the line of any amounts can connect Protean face. The effect of the combination of countless dots or the permutation of countless lines, also became an area on the vision.
The form of 2. face
In body, the form figuration type of the face has commonly the following 4 kinds:
① is straight planar.
Face of ② curve shape.
Form of ③ straight music abounds metabolic face.
④ sets thousand posture the face of 100 condition.
The dimensional position of these faces is different, the appearance of the face, size, angle different, deciding the body of the object.
3. face and body
The combination of the face of 4 above, make system. Stereo object is become by a lot of combination. What kind of face can set what kind of system, so the face restricted the appearance of body.
The appearance of the face decides the form of body. The scale of the face, position and front are affecting the figure of body. The front of the face and the inspect central line to having all sorts of differring banking angle of the person that draw are spent. Same area, it and inspect central line more perpendicular, its area is larger, jump over conversely small, gradient is bigger also.
The light on 4. face is measured
The smooth quantity on the face is deciding the change of object cadence. Same a body, because the property of the face is different, consequently, they get smooth illuminate is different, can present the note that gives all sorts of differring. A same area, each its parts and smooth distance and point of view are different, meeting generation goes out by shallow to deep or by arrive greatly light gradual change tone. Drawing the any range of any object so, include setting or paint from life, the face has the tendency of gradual change. If want to draw good shape, must locate each areas of the object seriously.